Matte Painting challenge: THE REVIEW

Last week, I’ve launched a Matte Painting Challenge on the Discord Server.

The brief was to start with this photograph I found and then create a moody Fantasy image, with a bigger castle, some distant background, a small village on the hill, and, globally, a work on the lighting and the atmosphere.

Here is the Source image I proposed :

We’ve had 6 participants for this Challenge who have done an amazing job! Thank you so much for your participation guys!

Here are the entries we’ve had :

Image proposed by @zoowe
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3 of my Favourite Matte Painters

In this Stream, I will go through the work of 3 of my favourite Digital Matte Painter, or former Digital Matte Painter : Dylan Cole, Mathieu Raynault and Yanick Dusseault. We will study their work, see what makes it exceptional and we’ll try to understand a bit more how to masterize the Art of Matte Painting!

I’ve learnt a lot from the time I spent at Rodeo FX with Mathieu.
I remember spending a lot of time looking at images with him and Frederic St Arnaud and trying to discuss how to improve the realism.
It was really interesting! Great Days!

Watch INCEPTION with Paul Franklin and Ian Failes

We’ve done a few “Watch a film with…” night now with through the Discord, but tonight this is a very exceptional one.
We have the privilege to watch the film “Inception”, from Christopher Nolan, with Paul Franklin who won the Oscar for the Best Visual Effects with this Film.
Ian Failes, from BeforesAndAfters will be with us again to go through this Masterpiece and listen to Paul telling us everything about it!

So press PLAY when we tell you to start, and just listen/watch while watching the Film. I hope you’ll enjoy!

How to create a “kind of” The Martian Digital Matte Painting?

Here is an accelerated version of the creation of a Digital Matte Painting in the style of the film “The Martian”.

We started with gathering a few images, looking at some references, and then we went through the whole process. I tried to follow the whole creative process, with some attempts, mistakes, change of direction, new sources, etc.

If you want to get the files to try to create this matte-painting, please check my Patreon Page.