Impressive shot breakdown by TheMatteDepartment


Few months ago, the team from TheMatteDept put on line a very nice making of which explained very clearly all the steps and the general workflow to put together a big environment shot made of thousand of assets.
Anthony Eftekhari and Fabio Zungrone show us the different steps to go through this, from the build, and the modeling of the assets, the texturing, the lookdev, and the FX effects like crowd simulation.
Then we see how the scene is assembled together, and how the assets have been used and multiplied to create the full environment by combination of them, like lego blocks.
Then it’s time to light the scene, the background is a matte painting and then the shot is good to be sent to compositing.
Compositor will work on the final grading, small tweaks in the keylight and the shadows, then he’ll add few animated elements like smoke, birds, and everything that can bring the shot to life and make it looking real.

It’s a very nice making of, because it shows us the full process of a shot like this. We can spot some repetitions in the assets through the city, which could be a bit problematic, but it’s just a question of how many assets you build. Don’t forget that there is just 2 guys here ! The result is pretty amazing for this microscopic team !

Well done guys, really impressive !

If you want to see high resolution pictures of their work, you can go on their website :