Challenge Winner: Pietrzykowski,

Yesterday has been the day we’ve chosen the winner for the first Matte Painting Challenge organised on “Keep Calm I’m in VFX“.
All the submissions were really nice, so, first of all, I wanted to congratulate every participant for their amazing work. It’s really cool to see how, from a simple brief, the creativity and artistic skills from our brave contestants provide such inspirational images.

The winner of this challenge is VICTOR PIETRZYKOWSKI and we will discover a bit more about him through a few questions! First, go and check his Artstation:

-How did you end up being interested in Digital Matte Painting?
I have always wanted to work in the cinematics of video games or cinema, I have always been fascinated by the fantastic environments that artists could create, imaginary or futuristic worlds. I started with an introduction to the vfx in Belgium (Cgitrainer), that is how I discovered the name of «digital matte painter», and so I thought I had to learn and practice as much as I could about it so I could get to work as a DMP Artist.

-Who are your most inspiring artists?
As a self-taught person, I was looking for artists who could teach me things and I was greatly inspired by the work and theirs evolutions in the field. They have become models for me, starting with Steven Cormann, who inspires me a lot from his success on the field and his graphic style with his impressive atmospheres. Anthony Eftekhari thanks to his work at Blizzard in game cinematics and his tutorials, which made me, want to learn more and more. Deak Ferrand finally, he worked on most of my favorite films, he created impressive universes always with a remarkable sense of composition.

-What would be your main goal in your career?
I would like to follow in the footsteps of Anthony Eftekhari or Steven Cormann, two different paths but two places in my main passions, one in the cinemamatics of games at Blizzard and the other in the cinema to work on films more and more mind-blowing.

– Give me 3 films you would like to recommend to someone who’ve never seen any movies and tell us why these ones in particular
Lord of rings of course, the story of the saga that plunges you into an impressive universe with all kinds of civilizations and races. Beautiful scenery. The soundtrack is incredible at every scene it makes you feel even more emotions. These scenes each of them are perfectly executed. The attention to detail in these battle scenes is phenomenal. I remember by heart this scene with Gandalf at the top of the hill the sun behind him. Ready player one by Steven Spielberg, a film in a futuristic universe not so far from ours. The scenery in this world fills with slums where people are on top of each other and have only for escape a virtual reality video game. In this film, you can be what you want to be thanks to the virtual reality technique. The geek culture is present and is filled with hundreds of video game characters and movies that you will happily recognize. These Combat scenes in mythic scenery. Elysium for me is the best movie in the sci fi theme. With this planet atmosphere controlled by the rich where the poor have to work in misery while the rich are in a high-tech city in space. The multitude of assets that the film includes in weapons, ships, buildings, robotic increases are just incredible. The details in this film are present in every aspect. Moreover, the city in space that looks like a ring made me think so much of the game Halo where i spend several hours there to contemplate the scenery and imagine several scenes so seeing this in a movie with so many details could only awaken in me a great fascination.

Thanks for your answers Victor!

Also, you might remember some on his work, as I’ve recorded a review of another Matte painting he’s done, check it out if you haven’t yet (and subscribe to my channel).

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