Challenge winner: Chris Spencer

Hi everyone, the Matte Painting Challenge last week on Keep Calm I’m in VFX was the creation of a shot or an image in the style of “I am Legend”.
As usual, the results were awesome and we’ve seen great Art!
After a lot of deliberation, I decided that Chris would be the winner!
Let me introduce him to you, first, here is Chris’s Twitter Account

Then, in order to know him a bit more, I asked him the usual questionnaire!

  • How did you end up being interested in Digital Matte Painting?
    First, I don’t think I would call myself a DMP artist, I’ve only ever really worked with full CG and basic comp so I’ll answer this as ‘interested in CG/environments’ instead.
    I loved all sorts of films as a child, especially feature animation, but didn’t really learn that making them was a career path until after I studied Digital Arts at college (Photography, Graphic Design, and some basic 3D modelling). I got really into the modeling and did research into how I could study it further, which led me to VFX and the CG pipeline.
    I was super interested and taught myself more and more about it before eventually applying to Norwich University of the Arts to study VFX. 3 years later and I’m wrapping up my degree and showreel and starting to look for my first job!

  • Who are your most inspirational Artists?
    • Simon Stalenhag because of his incredible alternate worlds.
    • Syd mead because of his brilliant originality.
    • John Martin because I’ve never seen anyone paint such enormous scenes so beautifully.

  • What would be your main goal in your career?
    Honestly just to be stable in a great studio working on great shows with great people.

  • Give me 3 films you would like to recommend to someone who’ve never seen any movies and tell us why these ones in particular.
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)- The most visually stimulating piece of film you’ll ever see, and it leaves you with so many questions.
    • Monsters (2010) – I love this film because of the story behind the production. The whole thing was shot guerilla-style, with less than 10 people, and edited on a laptop
      whilst traveling. Most of the people you see are just locals… True filmmaking.
    • Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse (2018)- This film is the most exciting piece of animation from the top creatives in the industry, an endless amount of art styles crammed
      into a really solid comic book story.

Thank you for your answered and congratulations for your image


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