Welcome to my Blog ! Here, we’ll talk about Visual Effects, Matte Painting, the Films Industry and more!

My name is Ludovic Iochem, I’ve been in the Visual Effects Industry for 15 years and have worked with high-end Visual Effects Studio such as DNEG, MPC, Framestore, RodeoFX.

​My Artist and Supervisor credits count more than 40 films, including:

BOND: Quantum of Solace
Bourne Ultimatum
Thor: The Dark World
Les Miserables
Terminator Genisys
Tree of Life
The Last Airbender
Resident Evil
Total Recall
Hellboy 2

I have been Digital Matte Painting and Environments Supervisor at DNEG, MPC, Prime Focus Films, Head of Environments at Framestore, Head of Digital Matte Painting at DNEG London and I am now Head of CG, still at DNEG .

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