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Peter Ellenshaw matte painting for Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick

On one hand, you have Stanley Kubrick, one of my favorite director. I remember having watched Shining again and again when I was younger because I thought this movie was just perfect !
On the other hand, you have Peter Ellenshaw, one of the greatest matte painter of the History of the Art. He’s done so many incredible painting that we could take hours to talk about him…
On the movie Spartacus, Ellenshaw realized an amazing painting of Rome, and I wanted to share some photos of it with you.
Look how detailed the painting is ! It’s definitely a wonderful peace of Art !


Peter-Spartacus3 Fantastic Reality/Playing God

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Few minutes with Mark Sullivan

Let’s talk about Mark Sullivan, remember, the incredible matte painting of the tree for “Hook”. He is one of my favourite matte painter. He started working in traditional way, and evolved through the digital technique. His work is really inspiring. His credits include Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, The Abyss, Backdraft, Hook, Star Wars episode 1 and 2, Apocalypto…

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Few minutes with Paul Swendsen

When someone ask me why I decided to become a matte painter, my answer is always the same : because the matte painting made at ILM during the 80’s are amazing ! And when someone ask me what movie I enjoyed the most when I was a kid, my answer is always the same : Willow, directed by Ron Howard.
That’s why I’m so proud to share with you today an exclusive interview with one of the most inspiring Matte Painter, who actually worked at ILM in the 80’s, on Willow. Let’s take few minutes to talk to Paul Swendsen.
Thank you so much Paul for your very detailed answers. It’s a real privilege to have the opportunity to listen to your amazing stories.

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Few minutes with David Stipes

David Stipes is a two time Emmy® Award winner with over 30 years of experience  in the film industry in various aspects of visual effects and animation.

David worked as a Visual Effects Supervisor on four Star  Trek
series: “The Next Generation,” “Voyager,” “Deep Space  Nine,” and
“Enterprise”. David championed the use of  computer-generated imagery (CGI)  for Star Trek, which completely changed how the visual effects are  created for the shows.

Prior to Star Trek, David created  visual effects for a number of science fiction television series  including “Buck Rogers,” “Battlestar  Galactica,”The Flash,” “V”  and “Intruders.”
David also operated his own studio for more than 12 years producing visual  effects for such feature films as “Circuitry  Man,” “Creepshow,” “Lawnmower  Man,” and “Real  Genius.” David has had over twenty industry related articles published and is currently an instructor at The Art  Institute of Phoenix.
He accepted to share with us some of  his photos and tell us more about it.

Buck Rogers in 25th Century” TV show. (1979) I am  standing in front of a multi-plane matte painting set-up. Painting  is by Dan Curry who later went on to become a Visual Effects  Supervisor and Producer on “Star Trek.” This kind of set up allowed  layers of glass to slide and provide drifting cloud effects.