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Homage to Franklyn (2008)

I wanted to create an image in the style of the film Franklyn (2008). I’ve had the chance to work on some Concepts and Matte-Painting for this project, and I always loved this idea of having gigantic statues in a city like London. This painting is an homage to the original film.

How to create a “kind of” The Martian Digital Matte Painting?

Here is an accelerated version of the creation of a Digital Matte Painting in the style of the film “The Martian”.

We started with gathering a few images, looking at some references, and then we went through the whole process. I tried to follow the whole creative process, with some attempts, mistakes, change of direction, new sources, etc.

If you want to get the files to try to create this matte-painting, please check my Patreon Page.